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About Bloopy Things

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Bloopy Things is about breaking through society’s pressures in order to find true happiness and uncover what it means to thrive.

If you’ve ever found yourself stressed by trying to keep up with the modern world, felt overwhelmed by the pressures of society, or wished that things weren’t so darn complicated all the time, then this is the place for you.

We help you find true happiness in life through simple living. Our free articles and resources give you actionable steps to become more productive, and organized, help increase your savings, limit distractions, and create more satisfying relationships with your loved ones, all by making things simpler.

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About Ayla

Hello! My name is Ayla and I’m a foodie, tea fanatic, and introvert who enjoys living a quiet and simple life.

I have been fascinated with why we humans do what we do since I was young. This motivated me to study psychology and graduate summa cum laude with multiple publications and years of research experience that I have presented at conferences and universities across the United States. My specialty is in romantic relationships, sexism, and social psychology.

I also have experience as a mentor. I feel a great sense of purpose helping others achieve their potential, whether it’s through simplifying their lives, improving their writing, or building healthy relationships. That’s why I created Bloopy Things.

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