Bloopy is a word Ayla started using one day. She felt it expressed an almost indescribable feeling of simple happiness and delight.

We use the word bloopy as an adjective to describe a state of being. Bloopy things are the silly, simple, happy little things in life that relax us and comfort us. To feel bloopy is to be in a state of general contentment and absence of extreme stress or discomfort. It’s a state of mental relaxation and satisfaction that is both carefree and conscientious.

Here are some examples of the word bloopy used in a sentence:

  • Want to take a break and do something bloopy?
  • I’m feeling bloopy today.
  • Look at that little dog. He’s such a cute little bloop.

Our blog is about simple living and how to live a more intentional life. We emphasize the importance of the bloopy things in life.

There are so many blogs and resources out there to help us optimize ourselves and to be the best us we can be. However, we feel that many of them forget to make room for unstructured and unproductive time we all need to take for ourselves without feeling guilty.

That’s why, here at Bloopy Things, we endorse continuous personal growth and development while also encouraging people to be intentional about the bloopy things in life as well.

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We're a husband-and-wife team who help you simplify your life so you can focus on the things that truly matter and still have some time left for the bloopy things.


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