Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. In this document, we tell you exactly what data we collect and how we use the data.

Data Collected and Used By Us

We collect personally identifiable information that you voluntarily provide through our website. This includes information you submit by signing up for our newsletter, sending us a message, or paying for a product or service.

We use this information to fulfill your request. For example, we use your email address to send you our newsletter if you sign up for it.

We never sell or rent your personal information, but will disclose it we are required by law (such as in the event of a subpoena).

Data Collected and Used By Third Parties

We also use external services from third parties that are necessary to improve our website and give you the best service. Some or all of these third parties may or may not process your data. We use the following third party services:

Yoast SEO

Click on the third party above to view their respective privacy policy.

Links to Other Websites

This website may also contain links to other websites. We do not take responsibility for the privacy policies of these sites, nor are we responsible for their content.

Affiliate Disclaimer

We use affiliate links throughout our website. If you click on an affiliate link and buy the advertised product or service, we will earn a small commission from your purchase.

Affiliate links do not make a product or service more expensive, but they’re a great way to support our work. In fact, we rely on affiliate marketing as one of our main sources of income. It allows us to keep the majority of the content on this website completely free.

As noted above, we do not take responsibility for the content on other websites, including affiliate links to other websites. Please see the websites’ respective privacy policy and terms & conditions for information on how they process your data.

We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is an affiliate advertising program that helps us earn revenue by linking to and affiliated sites.


Cookies are teeny-tiny text files that your web browser automatically downloads from websites. Most websites use cookies, and so do we.

They help us understand whether you’ve visited our website before, how you use our website, and also makes your browser load our website faster.

Cookies are not personally identifiable. They’re collected aggregately to provide analytical data on how all of our visitors use our website.

Cookies barely take up any space on your machine. They automatically expire over time and are deleted from your browser.  The expiration date varies by the type of cookie. You can delete cookies by going into your browser’s settings.

You can also disable cookies altogether, but this might impact your browser’s speed and functionality. If you’d still like to disable cookies, here are some guides for the most widely used browsers:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Additional Information

Please contact us for any additional questions, comments, or concerns regarding our privacy policy. We sincerely appreciate your feedback.

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